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Nursing Program

The FSUU Nursing Program aims to produce well-rounded and compassionate professional nurses who are committed to providing quality care for the promotion of health and prevention of illness. There are 61 full time and 29 part time clinical instructors in the program.The Nursing Program develops compassionate, sentient, rational, pro-active professional nurse and health care provider with a Christian orientation, nationalistic attitude, good health practices and values; who can contribute to the upliftment of health standards in the home, hospital, immediate community and the remote areas.

The program is committed to develop professional nurses and health care providers with sensitive awareness to the health needs of society as well as a commitment to the alleviation of problems arising there from with preferential option of responding to the health needs of the sick, underserved and the marginalized.

Provide the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude for the promotion of health, prevention of illness, restoration of health and alleviation of human suffering. Develop a critical, creative and reflective thinking through the use of the health/nursing process, the utilization of research findings, and involvement in the culture and arts program.

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