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FSUU opens first SY under K-to-12

FSUU opens first SY under K-to-12

by: DLS Pineda

The halls of FSUU once more bustled with activity as the university began the school year last Monday, June 6. Citing no need to adjust the academic calendar, the university resumed classes following the traditional format. This year also marks Fr. Saturnino Urios’ 100th death anniversary.

 FSUU joined the rest of the country in the shift to the new K to 12 program. Setbacks were minimal as preparations had been made four years prior. As expected, the number of college enrollees decreased by 14 percent (from 5601 enrollees in the 1st semester of 2015, to 4814 enrollees as of June 10, 2016). Enrollees for Grade 11 number at 259, spelling a total increase of 247 enrollees for Basic Education, from 1,337 enrollees in SY 2015-16, to 1,584 in SY 2016-17.

 Principal Donna Espuerta of the Bishop Pueblos Senior High School at the Main Campus clarified that the STEM and GAS programs were designed in such a way that should a student wish to transfer from one program to the other, there would only be little backlog if done right after completing the first semester.

 “We are still offering all the strands and technical vocational tracks. It’s only for enrollment purposes that students are segregated,” said Principal Espuerta.

 In line with the opening of classes, the FSUU community will celebrate the Holy Spirit Mass at the gym on Tuesday, June 14, at 8:00 a.m. Everyone is invited to join.