Guidelines on Withdrawal from FSUU

Effective First Semester AY 2020-2021

Father Saturnino Urios University allows its students to select subjects and decide on the
number of units they will enroll in a semester within the bounds of the general academic policies and the Admission and Retention Policies of the different programs. The University also ensures that its students follow the appropriate academic track and graduate on time or within the allowable residency period of a particular program.

Guided by the policies and in consideration of the present conditions, the University sets modified guidelines on Changing, Dropping and Adding (CDA) of Subjects and Withdrawal effective this First Semester of AY 2020-2021.

Definition of Terms

CDA – refers to the Changing, Dropping and Adding of Subjects processes

Adding (of Subject) – is the enlistment of subject/s in addition to the current enrolled load.

Changing (of Subject) – involves the processes of dropping a particular subject and adding of another subject

Dropping (of Subject) – is the delistment from one or more subjects, but not all, without enrolling another subject/s as its replacement.

Withdrawal - is officially dropping all enrolled subjects with the approval of the Dean and the Registrar, and information of Cashier, DAO, Accounting and OSAA.

DROPPED or DRP – is the grade/remark given to a student when after incurring more than six (6) absences from the class/subject as determined by the instructor. A DRP
grade is also given to a student who only officially withdraws her/his enrollment
after the midterm exams.

WITHDRAWN or W– is the final grade/remark given to a student who officially withdraws all her/his subjects before the midterm exams.


All policies stated in the FSUU Student Handbook Tertiary Level (Updated 2019) concerning Changing, Dropping and Adding of Subjects and Withdrawal from the University (below) shall still apply with modifications to suit our present social conditions.

A. Changing, Dropping, Adding of Subjects

1. No student may change, drop or add a subject for which he/she duly registered without the approval of his/her Program Dean.

2. The period of Changing, Dropping and Adding of subjects is within the week of the start of classes (August 17-28, 2020). The Changing, Dropping and Adding Form shall be downloadable from

3. The requirements for changing, dropping or adding of subject/s are as follows:

   a. Accomplished Changing, Dropping and Adding Form (CDAF).

   b. A service fee of One Hundred Pesos (P100.00) per subject shall be collected except in cases beyond the control of the student such as but not limited to
       dissolution of the subject enrolled. Service fees will be automatically added to the existing total school fees of the students.

4. The form of changing/dropping/ adding of subjects should be filled out, signed, and emailed to the Program Dean.

5. Subject/s which is/are officially dropped before and within the first week of the semester will not be reflected in the student’s records.

B. Withdrawal from the University

1. When a student registers in the university, it is understood that he/she is enrolling for the entire semester. The university shall collect outstanding school fees from an officially enrolled student who has transferred or withdrawn his/her enrollment. An officially enrolled student is one who has at least paid an initial payment of his/her school fees and is accepted by the university.

2. A student who withdraws from the university shall accomplish the Withdrawal Form and shall be subject to the following fees regardless of whether or not he/she has actually attended classes.

Withdrawal before the start of classes:

2.1 In case of withdrawal from enrollment, the required initial payment and other fees collected are not refundable.

A student is considered enrolled as soon as the G Suite and FSUU Learn
credentials are sent to her/his email account.

Withdrawal at the start of classes:

2.2 Ten percent (10%) of the total amount due for the semester if within the first week of classes.

2.3 Twenty percent (20%) of the total amount due for the term if within the second week of classes.

2.4 Forty-five percent (45%) of the total amount due for the term between the third week and Preliminary Exam.

2.5 Sixty-five percent (65%) of the total amount due for the term after the Preliminary Exam until the Midterm Exam.

2.6 One hundred percent (100%) of the total amount due for the term after the Midterm Exam.

3. Re-admission. A student who has been delisted from all her/his classes but changes her/his mind may only apply for re-admission/re-registration within three (3) working days from the date of the Withdrawal Approval from the Dean’s office. The student has to write a letter addressed to the VP for Academic Affairs and Research and send it to

4. Payment of Outstanding Balance. A student is considered officially dropped/withdrawn once the Data Administration Office (DAO), after reflecting the debit or withdrawal charges, has reflected her/his dropped/withdrawn status in the
OPIS V3. Outstanding balances may be settled upon re-admission/re-enrollment in the next semester or immediately if a student is transferring out.

5. Transferring-Out New Student. A new student who will withdraw from University to transfer to another school has to settle all financial obligations to be considered officially withdrawn from the university and for the release of her/his original school credentials.

6. Release of School Credentials. If a student withdraws before the start of classes up to the first week of classes, the Registrar will release all original documents. If a student withdraws within or after the second week of classes, he/she has to apply for a Certificate of Eligibility to Transfer (Honorable Dismissal).

7. Refund of Advance Payment. Payment of refund for advance payment of tuition fees will be scheduled by the University Cashier.

Other provisions on withdrawal or transfer of students as prescribed in the Manual of
Regulations for Private Schools shall likewise apply.

8. A student who withdraws, transfers or drops out without proper notification and without justifiable reasons will be charged 100% of the total amount due for them.

9. DROPPED will be the grade of a student who withdraws from the University after the Midterm Exam.



Download, fill-out, and sign Withdrawal Form.  Have
the form signed by at least one (1) parent.


Send accomplished Withdrawal Form to Dean via email using G Suite account ( Expect a reply 3 days after sending the mail.

a. Email subject: “Withdrawal_ Family Name, First Name, M.I._Course”

b. Upload scan or picture of the Withdrawal Form

c. Upload scanned copy or picture of school ID

d. Upload scanned copy or picture ID of parents/guardian.


Regularly check your G Suite account.

“W” or “DRP” remarks posted at student’s OPIS V3 
account means completed withdrawal process.

3.1. Student has the option to settle outstanding balance immediately through 
partner banks or payment center, or upon seeking re-admission in the next semester.


For Transferring-Out New Student

4.1. Before the start of class up to August 28, 2020.

a. Send email to with subject:
“Request for Original Credentials_Family Name, First Name, M.I._Course”

4.2 September 1, 2020 and onwards.

a. Pay outstanding balance as reflected at OPIS V3 at partner banks or payment

b. Send proof of payment to with email subject 
“WITHDRAWAL_Family Name, First Name, M.I._Course.”

c. Send an email to to apply for Certificate of Eligibility 
to Transfer (Honorable Dismissal) with the same subject.