I. Introduction and Rationale
I. Introduction and Rationale

Father Saturnino Urios University began as a parochial school for boys, established in 1901. Over the past 119 years, it has grown and weathered through adversities. It began offering elementary education in the 1950’s, becoming Urios College in 1970, and finally acquiring university status in 2006. In 2008, the Abp. Morelos campus was completed in Barangay Libertad, Butuan City, housing the university’s premiere basic education (K to 12) program. Indeed, the history of FSUU is that of consistent improvement and overcoming challenges. 

The university continues to work on capacitating its human resources and upgrading its learning and physical facilities. It seeks to address the needs of the Caraga region and the country by providing quality and relevant curriculum and instruction. As a growing university, it takes pride in the achievements of its students from all levels, in the performance of its graduates in the professional board exams, and in the contribution of the Urians in their respective fields and communities.

While the nation and the rest of the world are caught in the troughs of COVID-19, FSUU chooses to remain faithful to the its vision and mission. The Urian community continues to see a light at the end of this crisis, and rages on—cooperates with the well-meaning sectors of society—to make it out better than when this pandemic began. FSUU will push through with AY 2020-2021, keeping in mind the values we live by: Unity, Religiosity, Integrity, Altruism, and Nationalism.

This primer hopes to clarify the processes for enrollment and facilitate ease of transitioning to blended learning. It is comprised of two main parts: (1) the various offerings, scholarships and discounts, and enrollment processes for each school levels and (2) a briefer for the facilities, online and offline, which the university has made available to aid in learning and instruction.


  1. TOR for employment
  3. Authentication of DIPLOMA and TOR
  4. Certification
  5. CAV
  6. Employment Verification


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