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The FSUU library system is one of the most advanced libraries in the Caraga Region, Philippines. It has five libraries, four of which are located in the main campus and one at the Basic Education Campus.

Part of its services are computerized book cataloguing, electronic barrowing, bibliographic services, term paper clinic, document delivery, research and support services and internet access. Aside from the regular library sections, it has an Electronic Learning Center where e-books and e-journals including Britanica On Line are available. The library’s rich collections summed up to 33,422 titles and 42,556 volumes as of March 2010. This includes dissertations and abstract international for graduate students and Lix Libres for law students. All books are accessible through On Line Public Access Catalog (OPAC) powered by FOLLETT.

The four air conditioned libraries in the main campus can accommodate a total of 534 researchers.

Audio Visual Rooms
FSUU has four (4) functional Audio-Visual Rooms (AVR) designated as AVR 1, AVR 2, AVR 3 and AVR 4 that can accommodate big and small groups. These Audio Visual rooms hold various functions like trainings, programs, variety shows and other activities.

University Gym
The imposing university gym has a PBA-accredited basketball court with a seating capacity of 4,300. Adjacent to the gym is the PE hall which has dance areas and facilities for table tennis, taekwondo and Physical Resistance Therapy (PRT) center.
The gym serves as a venue for activities such as concerts, pageants, local/regional competitions, sports clinics, invitational games and institutional activities.

Computer Laboratories
FSUU is equipped with the latest in technology. It has seven (7) computer laboratories with fully-licensed latest software used in the mainstream industry. The center strictly follows a one-student- to-one-computer ratio.

Internet Laboratories
The iNet center of FSUU can service an average of 250 students in a day. The center caters the needs of the Urian students in research to supplement necessary information in their respective subject requirements. It boasts high-speed connectivity via a dedicated 5-E1 subscription that totals to a bandwidth of 10Mbps.
The University also offers unlimited internet service to students, including access to wireless system anywhere in the campus.

Mini Hotel
The FSUU-HRM Mini Hotel, glamorously named as Hotel Saturnino, is a miniature model of what it takes and how it feels to be billeted in a hotel with five-star amenities. The establishment of this posh mini hotel is a basic requirement before a school can offer a course in Hotel and Restaurant Management. Located in the left wing of the CBS Building of the Main Campus, it serves as venue for HRM students in the conduct of their return demonstrations and related learning experiences.
What makes the Mini Hotel even grander is its tempting Mini Bar, clean kitchen with complete sets of utensils, and a laundry area. And wait, the Mini Hotel also offers a cozy reception for those very important visitors outside the university.
Feel cool. Feel more relaxed. Savor every stay in Hotel Saturnino.

University Bookstore

The FSUU Bookstore is situated along the corners of San Francisco and P. Burgos Streets, Butuan City. It offers school and office supplies, souvenir items, FSUU apparels school and P.E. uniforms. Other services include book binding, photocopying, ID – Making and offset printing.