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Business Administration Program

The Business Administration Program is designed to be the source of individuals equipped to meet the demands of the corporate, industrial and entrepreneurial world of today. The program combines theoretical principles with application, at the same time instilling the virtues necessary to produce competent yet morally grounded business professionals. The program has 13 full time instructors and 18 part time instructor.

The Business Administration Program develops students and faculty to be proactive professionals in business and industry guided by Catholic principles and virtues, equipped with strong liberal education for the social, cultural and economic development of society. The program of the university provides students with relevant curriculum anchored on liberal education. Sensitive to the changes in the locality, country and the world; deliver methodologies that are inquiry-based and data-based. Nurture in the students the value of nationalism, service, social responsibility, justice and peace, self-determination, and with a deep concern for people and environment. The program is developing the students holistically in managerial and entrepreneurial competencies and other skills such as critical thinking, communication and research towards a locally-based yet globally competitive knowledge workers and industry leaders. Updating teachers and enriching curricula continually for technological innovations, trends and other developmental changes in business and information technology.

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