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Accountancy Program

The Accountancy program of Father Saturnino Urios University educates its students on the basics and complexities of accounting practices which enable them to face the actual practice as accountants and in other related jobs. The program also incorporates in its teaching the use of technology and accounting systems prevailing in the present business environment. Above all, the program integrates Christian values that ensure graduates to practice honesty as dedicated professional accountants. The Accountancy program has three full time faculty instructors and 16 part time instructors.

The Accountancy Program produces competent professional accountants capable of making a positive contribution to the profession and the society. The Program equips students with a foundation of general, organizational/business, information technology and accounting/finance knowledge. Developing the students intellectual, interpersonal and communication skills in preparing the students for employment in various establishments or sectors of the community. Inculcating in the students the URIAN Values of unity, religiosity, integrity, altruism and nationalism.

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