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Engineering and Technology Program

By cultivating a profound respect and appreciation for the dignity of work, FSUU’s Engineering and Technology program produces innovative and creative graduates who are concerned with society and the environment it revolves around. The program aims to train men and women who can demonstrate competence in engineering by providing an education which places equal emphasis on spiritual formation, communication skills, business and management concepts, and most importantly, a sensitivity to the needs of others.

The department is divided into two major areas: the professional degrees and the vocational programs. The vocational programs provide equal opportunities to students from humble backgrounds who are hoping to acquire the skills needed for employment here and abroad. FSUU’s vocational programs boast of a track record of graduates who pass the standards provided by the Philippine Technical Education Skills Development Authority (TESDA).

The professional degree programs are committed to equipping its students with the ability to think creatively through logical reasoning and proficiency in Mathematics and the Sciences. At the same time, its students should imbibe the responsibilities, ethics, and laws of the practice of engineering..

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